Meeting Schedule

The You Can Too Club offers 31 meetings every week. Whatever your schedule, You Can Too Club has a meeting for you.

8:30am – 12 Steps
10:30am – 12 Steps
1:00pm – Women’s AA (women only)
6:00pm – Little Red Book
8:00pm – Big Book Study

8:30am – Daily Reflections
10:30am – Big Book
3:00pm – Living Sober
6:00pm – Women’s (women only)
8:00pm – Drop the Rock/Ripple Effect

8:30am – 24 Hour Book
10:30am – Thought for the Day
6:00pm – Big Book
8:00pm – 12 Step

9:00am – Thought for the Day
10:30am – Little Red Book
6:00pm – Big Book
8:00pm – Kitchen Table

8:30am – Beginners
10:30am – Thought for the Day
2:30pm – Big Book
6:00pm – Women In Recovery (women only)
8:00pm – Drama Free Friday

10:30am – As Bill Sees It
1:30pm – 12 & 12
5:00pm – Gratitude*
8:00pm – UC2 Open Speaker Meeting*

2:30pm – Beginner’s
6:00pm – Big Book
8:00pm – One Day At A Time**

*Open AA Meeting
**If you are new to AA, this is the meeting for you!