Virtual Meeting Schedule

All scheduled virtual meeting days/times are below.

Please click the link next to the desired meeting to join the Zoom video conference. Virtual meetings will start as soon as the Chairperson logs in to start the meeting.

Your camera and microphone will be set on MUTE by default to maintain anonymity. We ask that you keep your microphone set to mute, when not sharing, during the meeting to avoid background noise.

We will continue to honor the 7th Tradition during our virtual meetings. Please use the PayPal link below to give what you can, and as always, if you can not please keep coming back.

You can also mail a check or cash donation to:

You Can Too Club
PO Box 652
Worth, IL 60482

Saturday10:30am – As Bill Sees It
5:00pm – Gratitude Meeting
8:00pm – As the Spirit Moves You
Sunday8:00am – Daily Reflection
2:30pm – Discussion Meeting
8:00pm – 12 & 12
Monday10:30am – Daily Reflection
8:00pm – Big Book Meeting
Tuesday10:30am – Big Book Meeting
8:00pm – As Bill Sees It
Wednesday10:30am – Men & Women Meeting
8:00pm – 12 & 12
Thursday10:30am – 12 & 12
8:00pm – Kitchen Table
Friday10:30am – Daily Reflection Meeting
8:00pm – Drama Free Speaker Meeting

UC2 Club Board Meetings